The Vitality Sculpting Inner Mouth Face Massage is a multifaceted skin and complexion treatment that works inside the mouth to access deeper layers of the face and facial muscles. It yields both an aesthetic result and a psycho-emotional result through support of the memetic facial muscles of expression. Inner Mouth Face Massage is supportive of both structural and connective tissue treatment. With it we are able to disrupt facial stress patterns, postures and tissue adhesions that cause tension and common stuck facial expressions that lead to fine lines, wrinkles, stagnation and lackluster skin concerns. WE create space, flow and movement and ideally we want each face muscle free of tension to keep them plump supple and healthy.

Vitality Sculpting Inner Mouth Face Massage Facial $200

Add on Inner Mouth Face Massage to Osmosis Revitapen Treatment or DMK Enzyme Treatment Facial $50